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Red Obsidian Point Pendant - Antique Nickel - Cat No 887


Red Obsidian Point Pendant - Antique Nickel - Cat No 887

This beautiful hand made red obsidian point crystal pendant is electroformed in a rustic antique nickel finish. It features a witchy pentagram out front and a stunning purple veil agate cabochon crown on top.  And yes, those are really rose thorns around the other edge of the ring. This piece hangs from an open 40” vegan  leather cord so you can tie it off at whatever length you desire.  And to top it all off, this piece comes complete with a gorgeous hand crafted rustic wooden storage box. The internal parts of the box have been custom shaped to perfectly fit this particular pendant.  The timber has been sanded and finished with a darker stain that gives the box an aged look.  And finally the box was given a wax finish to protect and enhances the natural beauty of the recycled timber.  Many hours of work/love have gone into putting this stunning pieces together.

  • Approximate size - Length 100 mm Width 69 mm
  • Each piece differs in size, shape, markings, texture and natural flaws. This is a one of a kind item
  • The piece you see in the image is the piece you will receive in the mail so what you see is what you get
  • Australian Made

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