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Leaf Seed Pod Shell

Clear Quartz Wand and Box - Antique Copper - Cat No 1186


Clear Quartz Wand and Box - Antique Copper - Cat No 1186

This beautiful one of a kind clear quartz crystal point wand is electroformed in a rustic antique copper finish. It features a beautiful clear quartz crystal point, two natural amethyst crystal clusters, a number of real natural rose thorns, an oak branch twig, a pentacle charm, a bird skull charm, two natural seed pods and a large natural acorn at the back end.  It comes with a beautiful custom hand crafted wooden box with a gorgeous mounted emblem on the lid.  It features two snake charms, a tree of life/pentacle charm, two natural acorns, two natural tiny pine cones and two natural amethyst points.  The lid also features two sigil and rune carvings.The box is finished in three coats of clear satin varnish and has beautiful antique corners, hinges and latches.  The internal compartment where the wand sits has been carver out to fit the wand perfectly.  It has been be giving a black epoxy bass with a subtle swirl of red as well as three antique copper silver birch leaves.   

Many hours of work and love have gone into the creation of this mystical one of a kind pieces.

  • Approximate wand size - Length 310 mm Width 40 mm at it's widest
  • Approximate box size - Length 362 mm Width 90 mm Height 60 mm
  • Postage is included
  • The piece you see in the image is the piece you will receive in the mail so what you see is what you get
  • Australian Made

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