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Frequently Asked Questions

About our products and processes

Q - Where do you get your leaves, seeds pods and shell for your jewelry?

A - All of the natural material that we use in our jewelry has been found locally right here in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Victoria Australian.  We live in a stunning part of the world and we tend to visit quite a lot of different gardens and parks in our area and we’re always on the lookout for interesting material to use in our jewelry.  So things like gum leaves, acorns, gum nuts and tiny pine cones are all found either in our back yard or locally in various public parks and gardens.  The shells we use are also all hand selected as well. The main areas we visit for shell collecting include Rosebud, Sorrento and Flinders.
Q - Where do you find your crystals and stones?

A – We buy most of our crystals from local and online wholesale sellers.  However most of our polished stone is hand crafted right here at home.  I have a vast assortment of rough stone which will take me a life time to cut, polish and process.  I have all the appropriate cutting and polishing gear which I acquired from my late Uncle.  I bought his entire setup, which he was selling due to old age and eye sight problems. This included his vast collection all raw stone, which he collected himself over his life time.  So quite a lot of the pieces you’ll find in our store are made from pieces my late uncle found out in the field.  I’m sure he would be very happy to see that all his hard work and ingenuity has been put to good use.

Q. Are your crystals real?

A. Our crystals and stone are 100% authentic and real. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the crystals and stones that we work with. We are aware of the influx of fake crystals and stone so we do our best to only deal with reputable wholesalers.