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New Collection - Picture Frames/Mirrors - Leaf Seed Pod Shell

I’m really excited to be adding this latest collection to our store.  It’s been a long time coming.  Over the past few months, (in between making new jewelry pieces) I’ve been chipping away at these rustic birdhouse frames and mirrors. 

These unique rustic frames and mirrors are handmade from various reclaimed hard and soft woods. All timbers used have a natural grainy appearance with unique blemishes and a weathered texture throughout.  They feature many detailed birdhouses built into the frames and incorporate various electroformed seeds and pods in a number of different beautiful finishes.

Each frame has been finished with three coats of high quality satin timber finish to protect and enhance the natural rustic charm of the beautiful timber. We only have three frames available at this time but I have more in the works.  Unfortunately these frames are for local customers, so they are pickup only.

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